2017 GSA Annual General Meeting - Motions

Motion 1
Submitted: April 1, 2017
Presented By: Natasha Gallant on behalf of 2016-2017 URGSA Executive

Motion: I move to ratify the URGSA Constitution and the URGSA Bylaws effective on May 1, 2018. The 2017-2018 URGSA Executive will still be governed by the current URGSA Constitution & Bylaws document, but they can refer to the ratified URGSA Constitution and URGSA Bylaws as terms of reference in preparation for the transition of using the new governing documents. The 2018-2019 URGSA Elections will be guided by the ratified URGSA Constitution and URGSA Bylaws.

Rationale: The current URGSA Constitution & Bylaws document does not reflect the needs of graduate students at the University of Regina. Moreover, this governing document did not separate the Constitution from the Bylaws. Necessary changes included more detailed guidelines for elections and by-elections, updated descriptions of Executive officer responsibilities, inclusion of honorariums for Executive officers and other Council members, changed structure of our governing body (i.e., Council) so as to improve faculty representation, and improved funding provided to graduate student groups. These changes were also made to reflect governing documents used by other graduate student associations across Canada (i.e., University of Saskatchewan, University of Lethbridge, Wilfred Laurier University, York University, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg).

Documents: Draft URGSA Constitution, Draft URGSA Bylaws

Motion 2
Submitted: April 6, 2017
Presented By: Andreia Moretz-Sohn

Motion: I move that the URGSA bring forward to URSU the issue of the Recreation and Athletic Fees being charged to distance learning graduate students.

Rationale: Distance learning students are not located in Regina and therefore do not get to enjoy the recreational spaces that the University of Regina provides. As such, they should not be obliged to pay the Recreation and Athletic fees.

Motion 3
Submitted: April 6, 2017
Presented By: Ayden Torkabadi

Motion: I move that the quorum for the URGSA Annual General Meeting be set to 20 graduate student members.

Rationale: The current 50-member quorum is higher than similar organizations with equal total membership. The GSA membership is connected and 20 members can represent them. Reducing the quorum will enhance the flexibility and ability of GSA to follow new strategies.

Motion 4
Submitted: April 6, 2017
Presented By: Ayden Torkabadi

Motion: All GSA volunteers and committee members shall be entitled to receive honorariums based on hours of volunteering and highest rates of current TA2s from CUPE 2419 collective agreement. The GSA Executive shall estimate the amounts following the members claim of hours.

Rationale: The membership wants to appreciate the work of volunteers. The membership will be motivated to participate in activities. The URGSA membership is familiar with CUPE 2419 rates and collective agreement is accessible. This is an honorarium and not a salary so the URGSA Executive shall estimate and round the numbers to acknowledge members’ effort.