Kickoff BBQ Social a Success!!!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who was able to attend todays BBQ social. We've estimated that about 300 grad students were able to attend. That is DOUBLE what we estimated, and was 4x the attendance that we had at our last social. Thank you for being patient, and we look forward to our next event!

A special thank you to the staff at the Owl for helping us out, and for assisting when we had more students arrive than we could have ever imagined.


September Events and New Office/Lounge!!!

As summer is winding down, it is time to look forward to what is to come in September! The Exec have been working hard all summer to plan socials and other events for the upcoming school year for you all!

As many of you have noticed, we have been moved out of our RIC office. We have finally gained access to our new home in Campion (room 121). It's still "under construction" but we will have the room up and running for the students to use at the start of the next semester. This new space has 2 separate rooms as well as a large lounge area. We look forward to showing you this new space!

If anyone is looking for ways to become involved in the GSA this year, we are setting up a few committees for which we would like some members from the student body. These committees include:

Constitution and By-Laws Committee – aid executive members in revamping and updating the GSA constitution and by-laws

Research and Conference Committee – assisting the research conference chair in organizing the 3MT conference and associated events

Social Committee – assisting executive members in organizing social events for the graduate students

If you are interested in joining or learning more about these committees, please send an email to

Lastly, although the first month back to school always goes by in the blink of an eye, we hope that you will be able to stop by a few of our events and say hello (and eat free food!!!).


You may have noticed over the summer that we have been moved out of our RIC office. We have finally gained access to our new home in Campion (room 121). It's still "under construction" but we will have the room up and running for the students to use at the start of the next semester. This new space has 2 separate rooms as well as a large lounge area. We look forward to showing you this new space! Keep tabs on our Facebook events and e-mails to learn about our room warming social in early September.


We are happy to announce that both Rubina (VP Academic) and Natasha (President) were successful in being elected, with more "yes" response vs. "no."

Thank you to those who took some time from their day to vote in the by-election. If you missed your opportunity to run for an executive position, please look forward to submitting your candidacy for the GSA 2017-18 General Election in late winter.


URGSA 2016-17 By-Election VOTING

Hi Everyone,

The voting will be LIVE on UR Self Serve for the 2016-17 GSA By-Election starting at 9 am TODAY. The vote will include an election for our VP Academic candidate Rubina Khanam, as well as a referendum to confirm our acting President Natasha Gallant as President Elect.

Voting will run from 9 am on Tuesday July 26th until 11:59 pm on Wednesday July 27th.

If you wish to read more about the candidates prior to voting, please click here to take a look at their submitted candidate profiles.


GSA Exec.

URGSA 2016-17 By-Election UPDATE

The nomination period for the by-election is now closed and campaigning has now begun. Please click here for the candidate profiles to gain more information on the nominees.
Voting via U of R Self-Serve will start 9am on Tuesday July 26th to 11:59pm Thursday July 27th. 

The vote will also include a referendum to confirm our acting president, Natasha Louise Gallant, as President. The GSA executive members believe that Natasha will be an effective leader and we recommend that the student body confirm her as President Elect.

URGSA 2016-17 By-Election

The URGSA Executive have decided to hold a by-election for outstanding Executive positions that were not filled during the general election. We are now accepting nominations for:

-       VP Academic,

-       VP Social and Education Programming, and

-       Member at Large


If you are interested in running in one of these positions, please submit a nomination package before midnight on Tuesday July 12th.

Campaigning will run from Wednesday July 13th at 9:00 am, to Monday July 25th at 11:59 pm. Voting will take place via UR Self-Serve between 9:00 am on Tuesday July 26th and 11:59 pm Thursday July 27th.

If you have any questions about the election process or the positions that are available, please feel free to email us at

Click here to see the Nomination Package.

Click here to see a description of the positions.

2016-2017 URGSA Executive

Hi Everyone,
Below are your 2016-2017 URGSA Executive. Everyone was confirmed with more 'yes'es than 'no's and 'abstain's combined. The new executive as of May 1, 2016 will be:

VP Student Affairs - Firuz Philip
VP Communications - Kelsey Marchand
VP Finance - Khaleel Soomro
Research Conference Chair - Devjyoti Nath
VP International - Aamir Sohail
VP Academic - Natasha Gallant
Member at Large - Aurpa Nath

The official voting results can be read here. Congratulations to next year's executive, and thanks to everyone who voted!

University of Regina 2015 - 2016 Budget

The University of Regina Board Of Governors recently approved the 2015-2016 budget with an additional $550,000 of funding available for PhD students. This a significant increase in available funding to graduate students and the URGSA hopes to see future budgets continue this trend of prioritizing support for graduate studies. The URGSA Executive would like to acknowledge and thank the Board of Governors, Council Budget Committee, Executive Leadership Team, and the President of University of Regina for supporting increased funding for graduate students.

URGSA 2015/2016 Election Results

Hey All.  

I am happy to announce next years executive team for the GSA:

VP Academic – Jessica Butt
VP Finance – Tom Morgan
VP Student Affairs – Showket Islam
VP Social and Education Programming – Roman Matviichuk
VP Communications – Shelby Bohn
Research Conference Chair – Ramy Saadeldin
Member at Large – James Dickenson 

Thanks to everyone who voted and good luck to the incoming GSA executive! 


2015-16 URGSA Candidates

March 19th 2015

The 2015-2016 URGSA exec is starting to take shape.  We received nominations for seven positions ( VP Academic, VP Finance, VP Student Affairs, VP Social, VP Communications, Research Conference Chair, and Member at large).  For each position there was only one person nominated so the upcoming election March 20th- 27th will be a confidence vote.  Before you vote feel free to check out the candidates profiles here 

Heather Haig

VP Communications 

URGSA Elections - Call for Nominations now open!

Dear Graduate Students,

It is that time of year already! We need to elect a new URGSA Executive for the 2015-2016 term. The nomination package can be downloaded  here. All of the positions are open for election and details on their roles and responsibilities can be found in the constitution. Please feel free to contact the current Executive for details on the roles and responsibilities if you are considering being nominated or come to our AGM on March 5th for more details. All dates are outlined in the nominating document with nomination period ending on Sunday March 8th at 11:59 PM. 

I would also like to encourage students to run for University Senate and Council positions through the URSU General Election that should be announced soon at These are great opportunities for students to get involved with their university community. There is also the benefit of acquiring experience in committee work and fulfilling leadership and volunteer activity requirements for scholarships and competitive CVs. 

We have all worked hard this year to develop a strong foundation for the organization to build on for years to come. However, there is still much work to be done! The current URGSA Executive is committed to ensuring a smooth transition by making sure the incoming Executive members are  well informed on the operations and on-going projects and concerns of the URGSA so that they can hit the ground running for the next year.


Derek Smith

URGSA Co-President

3MT Conference - Reminder - March 21st, 2015

The deadline to apply to participate in the University of Regina's first ever 3-Minute Thesis conference is February 1st, 2015!

The University of Regina Graduate Students Association is pleased to announce the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Conference, taking place on March 21st, 2015 at the University of Regina.

PhD, Master's, and undergraduate honours students are encouraged to present their thesis research in three minutes or less. If you can communicate your topic in a way which is engaging and understandable to non-experts, you could have a chance to win one of three cash prizes and a chance to represent University of Regina graduate students at the regional competition.

Visit the following page for more information or to apply to present at the 3MT:

Apply today and you could win a scholarship worth up to $1500 for presenting your research!

Paul Preston

3MT Conference Chair


Strategic Plan 2015-2020 - Consultations

Hello Graduate Students,

The University of Regina is near finalizing its strategic plan for 2015-2020, with a draft plan viewable at the strategic plan website. 

Student Success has been identified as a core priority with decreasing completion time as one indicator of fulfilling this objective.I proposed 3 questions to start a discussion so that graduate students may provide input on this objective and the metrics being used to determine if this priority is being addressed. 

The Strategic Planning Facilitation Team was gracious enough to provide a forum for this discussion.I encourage you to visit the YOURblog to reply to the thread with your thoughts and opinions on the topic and the questions posed. 

Additionally, you can provide comments and opinions to the Facilitation Team in person at a Town Hall forum. This event is being held Monday September 29th from 3:30 to 5:00 PM in Language Institute 215. I encourage you all to provide your valuable feedback.


Derek Smith 

URGSA Co-President