The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) Travel Awards are to assist Master’s and Ph.D. students with costs associated with travel for presentations of paper, posters, or other creative work pertinent to their studies.

Approved events include conferences, major festivals or other artistic events sponsored by recognized national or international organizations.

Applications for travel funds are assessed and awarded twice per year, after the travel, by means of a Travel Awards competition.  Applicants who receive funding are asked to acknowledge the support of the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA).

Deadlines for application: November 30, for events scheduled from May 1 - November 15;  May 15 deadline for events attended from November 16 to April 30.  

Value: up to $500

Application Process: Only one  application per competition will be accepted.

Submit the Application for GSA Graduate Student Travel Award through the University of Regina Graduate Awards Portal from the link below

Contact for any questions or inquiries.