Strategic Plan 2015-2020 - Consultations

Hello Graduate Students,

The University of Regina is near finalizing its strategic plan for 2015-2020, with a draft plan viewable at the strategic plan website. 

Student Success has been identified as a core priority with decreasing completion time as one indicator of fulfilling this objective.I proposed 3 questions to start a discussion so that graduate students may provide input on this objective and the metrics being used to determine if this priority is being addressed. 

The Strategic Planning Facilitation Team was gracious enough to provide a forum for this discussion.I encourage you to visit the YOURblog to reply to the thread with your thoughts and opinions on the topic and the questions posed. 

Additionally, you can provide comments and opinions to the Facilitation Team in person at a Town Hall forum. This event is being held Monday September 29th from 3:30 to 5:00 PM in Language Institute 215. I encourage you all to provide your valuable feedback.


Derek Smith 

URGSA Co-President