2018-19 GSA Executive


President: Muhammad Noman Sharif

I am currently studying Masters of Public Administration at University of Regina. In my previous education, I did my Law School from University of Punjab, Lahore. I started my legal practice in courts of Law and practiced for one year. I did my Masters of Journalism from Institute of Communication studies, University of Punjab, Lahore Pakistan.  After the completion of my master’s degree, I worked in the media industry for three years with the ambition to shed some light on the prevailing social problems in Pakistan. Firstly, I worked in state media of Pakistan Television Corporation and then I joined the country’s top-ranked news channel SAMMA TV. I worked as a news reporter in electronic media and tried to raise the issues. I worked on health, educational, and political issues. I made many news reports to show the real problems of society to the authorities who have the power to solve them. My entire motive behind being educated and going an extra mile is to simply help people develop and through my small contribution, I think I have helped spot the loopholes, for the betterment of society. In every task, I had to lead a team including cameraman, driver, technician, engineer and video editor. This experience has helped me sharpen my leadership skills and has taught me to respond quickly and effectively to support a high paced working environment.


VP aCADEMIC aFFAIRS: Raghavi Rajakumar

I am a student of Kenneth Levene GSB, pursuing Masters of Administration in Leadership from January 2018. Prior to my grad studies, I owned and managed a software development company and gained administration experience through it. At University of Regina, I have been actively volunteering in the Ambassador Program and URSU, and I have also recently been elected as the Secretary of World University Services of Canada (WUSC) for the 2018-19 term. Through GSA, I expect to create a positive impact on the academic life of each UofR student by keeping up with the current academic standards and working towards future improvements.


VP sTUDENT LIFE: Katherine Mazenc

I recently completed my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, and I am currently enrolled in doctoral studies in the clinical psychology program. Prior to my graduate studies, I completed two undergraduate degrees here at the University of Regina. Because I have been a member of the University community for almost a decade, I have had various opportunities to become involved in campus life. I have served as a student mentor, tutor, and as an executive on the Psychology Graduate Students’ Association. Over the past year, I have been fortunate to represent graduate students as the VP Student Affairs for the GSA. It has been my pleasure to serve in this position. Through my work as VP Student Affairs, I have served on several student appeal committees and have had the privilege of getting to know many graduate students. This role has opened my eyes to the unique challenges facing the student community.


VP Finance: Srushti Patel

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science and in the final year of my studies. I have been actively volunteering with the university’s ambassador program for the past years, which has given me great experiences. I have also been involved in students associations during my undergraduate program, and was responsible for budgeting and other financial decisions. I am certain that the experience from the position I held previously will help me perform my best as the VP Finance of the URGSA. Over the past year, I have also been an active member of URGSA and have been contributing my ideas towards the inclusion of Computer Science Students Association, and ratifying the association under URGSA will be one of my initiatives once elected.



VP External relations: Kelsey vig

I am currently completing a doctoral degree in the clinical psychology program. For the entirety of my time at the University, I have been involved in campus life. I have served as an executive on the Psychology Graduate Students’ Association for 3 years, including filling the roles of president and vice-president. I am the University’s student representative for the Psychology Association of Saskatchewan. My past experiences as an advocate for psychology graduate students have fostered a desire to represent the greater graduate student community. My primary goal as VP External Relations is to strengthen the graduate student community by advocating for the best interests of our members at the University of Regina.