Amir Zafar and Khaleel Soomro


About Amir:

I am a full-time student in the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management. I have gained three and a half years of professional Human Resources experience in various industries, including Logistics, Banking, and Software. As a student, I have been volunteering as an ‘Event Coordinator’ for the World University Services of Canada (WUSC) and serving as a ‘Member of the Advisory Table’ for the Regina Regional Local Immigrant Partnership (RRLIP). 

About Khaleel:

Khaleel is an MBA student and doing internship at Ministry of Finance. He is interested in strategy and change management and will be leading efforts to transition towards the new constitution

The duties of the President(s) include, but are not limited to*:

  • Being accountable for the actions, activites, and guidance of the GSA,
  • Ensuring the responsibilities of each executive position are met,
  • Serving as the chairperson of the GSA Executive and GSA Council,
  • Serving as the ombudsman for internal and external graduate issues,
  • Acting as the liaison between the University, FGSR, URSU, the GSA, and the provincial government.
    *for full duties please see the GSA Constitution

VP Communications

Wayne Wu 


About Wayne:

Wayne is a Master's student in the Department of Biochemistry. His research is on the protein-protein interaction in the context of neurodevelopmental disorders. Prior to starting at U of R, he completed a B.Sc. Honours of  at Western in London, ON.

The duties of the VP Communications include, but are not limited to*:

  • Administering the GSA email server, and acting as a controller over communications to the general graduate student audience,
  • Promoting the GSA and general graduate student visibility on campus,
  • Promoting graduate student interaction via the GSA website, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and the GSA emailing list
    *for full duties please see the GSA Constitution

VP Finance

Funmilayo Gbadebo


About Funmilayol:

I started my Masters in Business Administration program in January 2016. I have a Bachelors degree in Accounting. I have worked as an internal Auditor in previous roles. I have also held leadership roles. I believe that the GSA should support graduate students in terms of financial aids and scholarships. I will work to ensure that graduate students remain a priority for funding.

The duties of the VP Finance include, but are not limited to*:

  • Being responsible for coordinating all financial operations of the GSA,
  • Ensuring the GSA operates in accordance with the Non-profit Corporations Act,
  • Preparing budgets (semester and annual), and submitting monthly reports to the GSA Executive
  • Acting as a liaison between the University, FGSR, and the GSA on all financial matters.
    *for full duties please see the GSA Constitution


VP Academic

Linda Ezenweichu


About Linda:

I am a current MASc. student in the department of Petroleum Systems Engineering. I will ensure that every information regarding academic concerns is made available to the student body as readily as possible and I also would look forward to assisting in improving the level of interaction between the students and the faculties within the University.

VP International

Kerry-Ann Sitcheron

Inquiries can be made through

About Kerry: 

I am currently pursuing Masters of Administration in Leadership. I have served on several executive committees in my country and here in Regina and have orchestrated fundraisers to not just fulfill social mandates but also to ensure the viability of the organizations. Now that I am a member of the international student body here, I see the value in there being an advocate who is willing to represent the diverse needs and create effective strategies to enact change. I see better representation as a crucial issue for international students.

The duties of the VP International include, but are not limited to*:

  • Representing the specific interests of international graduate students,
  • Promoting awareness of international student issues to the university community,
  • Acting as a liason between the GSA, the FGSR, and the international student body
    *for full duties please see the GSA Constitution

VP Student Affairs 

Katherine Mazenc

Inquiries can be made through

About Katherine:

I am currently a graduate student in the clinical psychology program. Prior to my graduate studies, I completed two undergraduate degrees here at the University of Regina: a Bachelor of Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I have been part of the University community for over eight years and have become involved in campus life through a variety of volunteer and extracurricular activities, including mentorship, tutoring, and participation in events hosted by my department. 

The duties of the VP Student Affairs include, but are not limited to*:

  • Acting as a liaison officer within the University Community relating to non-academic issues,
  • Maintaining liaison with graduate students in each department via GSA Councilors,
  • Being responsible for handling queries or grievances related to graduate student involvement with CUPE 2419, including representative involvement in the collective bargaining processes,
  • Overseeing regulations and policies for non-academic appeals and grievances.
    *for full duties please see the GSA Constitution

Devjyoti Nath.jpeg

Research Conference Chair

Devjyoti Nath

The duties of the Research Conference Chair include, but are not limited to*:

Responsible for organizing, planning, and producing the annual 3MT Conference,

Preparing all promotional materials, and calls for abstracts,

Coordinating volunteers and organizing committees for the 3MT Conference.